The route to innovative products
is charted by Scouts™: intuitive
pathfinders who model solutions
for emerging human needs well before
they are broadly evident.

Travel with us along ScoutPath™ to
breakthrough categories, products,
and technologies ...

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Scouts: The Key To Successful
Product Innovation

Since 1986, Paula Rosch has profiled the characteristics of Scouts ™: intuitive pathfinders who model future behavior, whose solutions to their own emerging needs inspire product innovations that slip readily into evolving consumer behavior.

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At the end of the ScoutPath™ lies a compelling vision for breakthrough new categories, products, and technologies. Rooted in insights that come only from Scouts, this vision delivers elegant concepts, products, and services that show decades of success.


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Digging deeper to unearth values-rich insights

We’re all familiar with traditional methods for defining consumer behavior: talk to end-users, observe product usage, and study emerging trends.

ScoutPath™ ventures deeper to understand how human core values drive behaviors. It examines the holistic lives of individuals – not just their lives with products.

ScoutPath™ understands that people

  • long to stay connected with human core values
  • seek inspirations in a changing world that help them shift their behaviors to reflect core values
  • buy products and services that support their path by triggering these values-driven behaviors

Enlisting Scouts™ to chart a path to the future

Scouts are new behavior pioneers, intuitively driven to change their lifestyles in ways that reflect core values in a changing world. Scouts ...

  • live in the shifting front end of human behavior, sensing humankind's need for change
  • model emergent, values-driven behavior shifts, catalysts for a new human behavior norm.

Through several decades, Paula has refined the Scout profile, developing a proven tool to successfully identify them within the general population.

Blending the trails of human behavior, technology, and design

ScoutPath™ has evolved to become a relevant, reliable process for translating human behavior into original products that meet human needs.

  • ScoutPath™ employs inventive methodologies, uniquely tailored to address the specific needs of each project. We apply them to uncover insights about new human behaviors in exploratory workshops with Scouts called "Scout Camps".
  • ConceptPath™ translates these new behaviors into platforms for new-to-the-world concepts that fill the new product pipeline for years to come.
  • ProductPath™ delivers products and positionings that are years ahead of the competition.


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Insights emerging from a more rewarding imagination landscape

With ScoutPath™ mapping out new Shifts in human behavior, ConceptPath™ translates them into values-driven human experiences and coaxes out concepts that offer near term solutions and set a stake in the ground for the future. Platforms for prototype and technology direction are also developed.

For years we have successfully translated these Shifts into new categories and products, category redefinition, brand development, and technical innovation.

As part of ConceptPath, The Paula Rosch Group designs customized facilitation techniques to map out the experiences and define the concepts. The richness of the results are enhanced by our broad network of creative resources, whom we enlist for:

  • Insight Modeling, bringing our group and the client team together during definitive stages of the project, to debrief, discuss, and understand the insights in ways that inspire hypotheses and concrete, strategic direction for the ideal concepts and products.
  • Art & Soul Shops, combining the talents of artists, writers, performers, and experienced idea generators with those of the client to develop concepts and prototypes that represent the new consumer behaviors and the associated desired user experiences.
  • SuperScout Camps™, bringing clients together with our panel of ScoutPath-savvy SuperScouts™ in an interactive, expert session to flesh out deeper meaning behind and observations about new behaviors.


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Products that create a meaningful connection is the ultimate destination on the path

Any innovation work is incomplete if the end result is not a collection of tangible, irresistible products that fill the shelf today and the new product pipeline for years to come. With ScoutPath™ and ConceptPath™ creating the route, ProductPath™ invents and designs products, defining technology parameters, building prototypes, and defining positioning.

The Paula Rosch Group not only conceptualizes new products, but can help bring them to life. Paula’s technology background and hands-on prototyping skills have earned her the inventorship on nearly 100 functional patents for products on many store shelves today.

From start-up businesses to new products and categories for global companies, ScoutPath™ has delivered products introduced in the U.S. and throughout the world, meeting client objectives of consumer appeal, scope, sales, and profitability.

Our capabilities include:

  • Product and technology invention, insuring proprietary function and design
  • Prototype design, including product design parameters and targets
  • Concept creative development
  • Qualitative product and concept testing
  • Technology assessment and recommendations