“Working with Paula Rosch and her Scout process were some of my very best experiences at Johnson & Johnson. The work helped us to develop a new pathway to new products, offering an approach to innovation in our category that was exciting, fresh, and successful. Scouts are amazing people, and I soaked up every one of their insights, thoughts, and emotions.”

Linda Pierson
Principal Scientist, retired
Johnson & Johnson

“Paula Rosch is a miracle worker, a veritable innovation whisperer. She has the ability to coax new ideas out of the heavens into the world. She is a superb “Scout,” who listens to culture with an extraordinary ear for nuance. She has the ability to detect the real needs in the life of the consumer. And she has the ability to see things through committee all the way to market. This is a woman with extraordinary gifts for processes the corporation now prizes deeply.”

Grant McCracken
Research Affiliate
Convergence Culture Consortium
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Paula is never at a loss for new insights into consumer needs and ideas for solving them. She makes
extraordinary connections between seemingly unrelated subjects, and then translates them with great
ease and consistency into successful products that truly delight the consumer.”

Adam DeVito
big BOING Inc.

“Paula is a brilliant innovator, and an outstanding presenter. Her war stories and insights were one of the highlights of my New Product Development course [at Kellogg School of Management]. She has the keen marketing savvy and detailed understanding of process needed to make innovation work in any company.”

Robert Kozinets
Professor of Marketing
Schulich School of Business, York University

“I hired Paula as a product development consultant and I found her to be wonderful to work with possessing a combination of deep knowledge in her field with truly innovative ideas that went beyond anything we had come up with internally. I would gladly hire her again.”

Kimberly Salzer
Vice President, Brand Management
Activision, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Paula for years and she is one of the great thinkers when it comes to innovation. Her techniques are novel, penetrating, and proven.”

Rick Sterling
Founder and President
Sterling-Rice Group

“Paula has an uncanny ability to spot new trends in an industry, develop a vision and inspire the team to explore ideas based upon the vision. She brings a unique perspective to projects, helping the team look beyond traditional roles and projecting new shifts in culture, attitudes and behavior that guide the marketing team to shape and discover innovative brands, stories and ideas. And as if that isn’t enough, Paula is a pleasure to work with and learn from.”

Ingrid McPhilliamy
Senior Marketing Manager
Fenwal, Inc.

“Paula has helped us move beyond our current competencies by examining what might be possible. We’ve done new product idea generation many times, but never with the rich results of Paula’s process. It was a brilliant effort.”

Fiona O’Carroll
Executive Vice President
Riverdeep, Inc.

“Paula consistently delivers, and does it in a delightful way. She consistently sees what others don’t, and uses her insights to deliver dozens of highly successful, highly profitable new products. Paula has nearly 100 patents and has earned numerous awards (including “One of the Top Four Good Buys of the Last Decade” by the Good Housekeeping Institute) for her work. She truly understands consumers and knows how to deliver products they love.”

Patricia Cockerham
Independent Marketing, Brand Building
& New Business Identification Consultant

“I worked with Paula for many years at Kimberly-Clark Corporation. She understands consumer behavior
in ways others don’t, and has consistently applied her insights toward successful new products. In
the community, she has translated her gift for new product innovation into programs that truly foster
entrepreneurism in Northeast Wisconsin.”

Kathi Seifert
Executive Vice President, retired
& Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“Having collaborated with Paula in a variety of innovation efforts, I can fully recommend her sensitivity to the specifics of the opportunity target, finesse in unearthing original insights about target consumers insights that can be used in subsequent product and service innovation development and improvisational energy in process design. Paula’s forward looking savvy with leading edge consumers, while specific to each product/need category, is not without a cogent over-all framework and methodology that keeps sponsors in the loop and participating. Paula is always added value to one’s innovation efforts.”

Lanny Vincent
Owner & General Partner
Vincent & Associates