Who We Are

ScoutPathPaula Rosch has translated her love of science, nature, philosophy, and art into successful new brand innovation for the consumer packaged goods industry, including the personal care, infant and child care, household care, food and beverage, natural products, wellness and health care, feminine care, and publishing categories.

Both in her 20 years at Kimberly-Clark Corporation and in her own company, The Paula Rosch Group, Paula’s work has impacted brands that include Huggies, Kleenex, Little Swimmers, Kashi, Ocean Spray, Seventh Generation, Glade, Reader Rabbit, Natural Ovens, and Carefree. She is the inventor on nearly one hundred patents for these and other products*, and demonstrates innovation expertise from discovery to commercialization.

Paula’s insights spring from understanding human behavior leaders in the population, individuals she calls Scouts™. She uses original strategies and inventive methodologies to elicit insights about Scouts to help clients uncover emerging Shifts in human behaviors. Her hands-on technology and product development expertise translate these insights into commercialized brands and products that elicit strong consumer appeal.

Paula focuses on consumers’ human values before their consumer values, examining their lives, not just their lives with products. The results are products and services that offer powerful experiences that keep the user closely connected to his or her core values, and the product.

Paula is a thoughtful and creative facilitator and strategist, and believes her most critical skills to be her original connections between research insights, culture, and technology, and translations into successful products.

Paula has undergraduate degrees in Biology and Literature, and post-graduate degrees in Behavioral Physiology and Anthropology. She has presented her innovation work with Scouts to the MBA programs at Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Business, Harvard Business School, and the University of Wisconsin.

*Patents can be located under Paulette Mary Rosch and Paulette Mary Camper.


Steve Costello

 Steve Costello started a career as a newspaper reporter while still in high school, and he’s been asking questions ever since. After his professional reporting career and his experience in packaged goods marketing on the client side, Steve returned to asking questions as a qualitative research consultant and brand strategist. In that capacity he and Paula have collaborated on innovation projects for the past 18 years.

Steve’s hands-on brand management experience provides a unique foundation for qualitative analysis and creative thinking for large and small client companies in the packaged goods, durable goods, financial services and B2B categories.

Before starting his own practice in 1999, Steve worked as VP/Partner at Sterling-Rice Group In Boulder, conducting numerous brand positioning and new product development projects for clients.

Steve has a B.S. in Journalism from Boston University, and an MBA from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College. From a brand management position for Post Cereals, he moved to Boulder to join Celestial Seasonings, where he introduced several new products, including Mama Bear’s Cold Care and Tension Tamer herbal teas.


Lanny Vincent

Lanny is a student, teacher and coach of innovation management principles and practices. For over 30 years, he has played a major facilitating role with the innovation efforts of major manufacturers and distributors in consumer package goods, semiconductor, consumer electronics, food products, forest products and sporting goods industries. He facilitates innovation efforts in and with established companies, especially those recovering their entrepreneurial vocations.

Lanny’s collaborations with Paula Rosch began in the 1980’s. Most often Lanny serves in a facilitating role, orchestrating client debriefs, co-designing exploratory investigations with Scouts™ with Paula and providing thought partnership in the background and foregrounds of client assignments. He was a critical thinker in bringing the Scouts™ philosophy to life.

Lanny’s formal training includes innovation management systems, total quality principles of manufacturing, creative problem solving, and social forecasting methods. He holds a Masters degree (M. Div.) from Yale University and a B.A. from Davidson College. Lanny lives in San Francisco.

The Paula Rosch Group also engages, as needed, a network of skilled associates in creative communication, technology, design, and, of course, our SuperScout™ panel.